181. Robot Game

The Robot Game Kit is a complete mini game for XNA Game Studio. Developed by Zepetto, a South Korean game development company, the project comes ready to compile and run, and it's easy to customize with a little bit of C# programming. You are also free to use the source code as the basis for your own XNA Game Studio game projects, and to share your work with others. Zepetto released South Korea's first self-developed PSP game "Vulcanus" back in 2005. They also released several games for the mobile platforms. 

Robot Game is a three-dimensional robot combat game that demonstrates the following components:
  • Advanced graphics using shaders and post-processing effects
  • Advanced particle system
  • Collision detection, 3D positional sound, input, and screens management
  • Single-player mode and split-screen two-player versus mode
  • Customizable game elements, such as robots, weapons, and items

Screenshots: Click on the images for better quality

The XNA 4.0 version of the starter kit was created by Bob Taco Industries. Check out their documentation for more information. I wish I had found this updated version sooner since I struggled to convert the Robot Game Animation Processor to XNA 4.0 as you can see in my blog post here. Later I made more improvements and figured out how to add attachments to the mech which can be found in blog post 52


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