181. Robot Game

The Robot Game Kit is a complete mini game for XNA Game Studio. The project comes ready to compile and run, and it's easy to customize with a little bit of C# programming. You are also free to use the source code as the basis for your own XNA Game Studio game projects, and to share your work with others.

Robot Game is a three-dimensional robot combat game that demonstrates the following components:
  • Advanced graphics using shaders and post-processing effects
  • Advanced particle system
  • Collision detection, 3D positional sound, input, and screens management
  • Single-player mode and split-screen two-player versus mode
  • Customizable game elements, such as robots, weapons, and items

Screenshots: Click on the images for better quality

The XNA 4.0 version of the starter kit was created by Bob Taco Industries. Check out their documentation for more information. I wish I had found this updated version sooner since I struggled to convert the Robot Game Animation Processor to XNA 4.0 as you can see in my blog post here.


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