Sunday, March 8, 2015

20: XNA 4.0 & MonoGame Robot Animation Processor

       I have successfully converted the XNA 2.0 Robot Game Animation Processor to XNA 4.0 and MonoGame with a few modifications. This is a demonstration video of the animation processor running in my game engine. The scene is a temporary environment I modeled over a year ago. Notice I disabled the sky-box and collision detection in this test. The processor animates the individual bones of the mech. The processor can also play multiple animations simultaneously. For example, the run animation has more impact on the legs, while the shooting has more impact on the torso and arms. Once my first stages of my AI is complete, I will post a video show the mech fighting the spider after I get skinned animation interpolation working. To learn more about how to convert your older XNA game project over to XNA 4.0, visit my page here. Thanks for watching and I greatly appreciate your support. Below are some updated screenshots with better resolution.


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