Sunday, October 8, 2017

52. XNA 4.0 & MonoGame Robot Mech Attachments

       The is my robot animation processor based off the Robot Game Starter Kit running in XNA 4.0 and MonoGame. It took a while to figure out how to attach models to the mech "correctly". By multiplying the bone-transform of the specific bone index of the mech, to the parent-bone index of the model, I was able to attach them. This works for both animated and non-animated models. Figuring out how to attach the models to the mech was the first challenge. However, due to the complexity of the animation processor, positioning the models correctly on the mech model was the biggest challenge. Now that attachments work, I am programming customization options for the mech.

Jet-Pack Screenshots

Gun Screenshots

       Besides guns, I was able to attach melee weapons to the mech such as swords. I will be working on a way to program the mech's animation processor to somehow mimic the animations of other animated characters. This will help save time when creating melee animations for sword attacks and blocks. Performing melee sword attacks also while jet-packing could make for some interesting gameplay. 

Dual-Wielding Swords Screenshots

The Map in First-Person

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