Hello, my name is Jordon Lavelle McClain and welcome to my blog. In these blogs, I share updates made in the development of the Cyclone Game Engine. The Cyclone Game Engine was a project I have been working on in my spare time for quite a while now. In the beginning, it was just a hobby project I began working on in my parent's basement when I was younger. I always wanted to create a game engine; essentially a game creation tool that I could call my own. For me, this was my only option to educate myself about game development and understand each aspect that makes up a game. I am a self-taught student and now I am somewhat able to devote a little more time to further developing the engine as well as my games. That is why, the engine is evolving slowly, especially considering the increasing difficulty of each iteration the goes into the engine. So... no rush. 

       Gradually, I started to enjoy and love working on the project so much, I decided I needed to take this project a step further. I later started a small indie company called Steel Cyclone Studios LLC. Ultimately, I plan to develop a few indie games using the Cyclone Game Engine and break into the game industry. However, not all of my game projects will be created with this engine. Along my journey, I hope to find some talented, professional artists, to work with me. In the meantime, I am trying to hone my skills and learn as much as possible about game design and development, as well as this wonderful and constantly evolving industry. Fortunately, it hasn't cost me any money thus far financing this project on my own. I've made everything from the ground up along with the help of online blogs and tutorials I've come across. It has been challenging, however with each accomplishment I've made thus far, it has taken this project to new heights. Now, I see the full potential it has. So now my mission is to polish the engine and finish some games.

       I am working on the most important features and fixing the most important bugs first in order to be consistent as possible and have more playable content. That way, I can have a solid base that other game projects can be built on. I invite you to follow my blog and join my journey from code to controller. I am committed to providing you with updates on my progress with a behind-the-scenes look at the challenges I face in creating this game engine. I cover everything from fixing bugs to crucial features that will help the play-ability of games built using this engine. Feel free to browse my blog. If you like what I do, please help support by subscribing to my social media! Many thanks to my fans and supporters!

Purpose of this Blog
       There are tons of useful dev blogs out there. I have learned and still continue to learn from them, as well as from comments and discussions on their websites. Initially, I created this blog to use as an addition to my portfolio to help me get into the college I wanted to attend and later, a job in the industry. That didn't work out unfortunately. Now I am an independent developer and the purpose of this blog is to document and highlight some of the problems and hurdles I encounter during my game development efforts. I cover things I found particularly challenging, potential solutions to these issues; some in which I was proud of figuring out, and provide a general discussion. Along with the newly added features, I also provide some basic examples and source code to work on yourself. My hope is that with many of my efforts, my findings, and what I have accomplished thus far; will perhaps serve of use to others in their game development as well. I hope you will enjoy reading this blog and if you have any questions or comments, just add them below on posts or click on the Contact page.

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