MeoMotion Game Character Animation

       Created by Jason White, MeoMotion is a free 2D distortable skeleton/ vector character animation editor for making smooth game character animations for MonoGame, XNA, DirectX11, SharpDX, SDL2, and OpenGL. The runtime source codes are also available with explanation and can be found at To see more tutorials by Jason, click here

Tutorial 1
How to prepare you art for use in MeoMotion 2D Distortion Skeleton Character Animator for making smooth character animations in your games. You can use scripts and spritepackers to quickly prepare your character layers in your favorite art software and import into MeoMotion to begin animating.

Tutorial 3
A brief overview and tutorial of how to use the MeoPlayer and MeoMotion classes in your game project. This one is for MonoGame (same as XNA) in c# but the same concepts apply to SharpDX, DirectX11, SDL2, and OpenGL versions.