Monday, February 20, 2017

45. Blood Splatter Test in Starship Troopers?

       This is based off the starter-kit by Hardworker Game Studios which is outdated. I have updated it and re-programmed it in my game engine built upon the XNA 4.0 and MonoGame Fraweworks with the added blood-splatter. It runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10. This program also can run on other platforms supported by MonoGame. The models are simply just a placeholder. This is the beginnings of the AI which is set to simply wander for now.

How do Bullets Work?
       The bullets are rendering in a ray-cast. The majority of games just cast rays along the bullet trajectory to see if there is any collision. This works well since the size of the bullet is usually tiny compared to the size of the world. Many games program bullet sprites (2D images) rendered in 3D which are cast along the ray to provide a visual to the player of bullet projectiles being fired. This also helps with performance. So most cases, game developers find physically modelling a bullet usually pointless. Bounding spheres are attached to the bones of the enemy models for hit detection. So when the ray intersects the bounding spheres, the blood particle effect is emitted. To learn more about implementing ray-casts in your own game projects, check out the Triangle Picking Sample.

       Soon, I plan to run some tests to where the bullets are actual 3D models that will intersect the bounding spheres of the enemies. Why you might ask? In one of my long-term game projects, the modelling of gravity, wind and resistance on the bullet is important as well as seeing bullets being deflected in real-time. I have also added audio for the gun-fire. Later I plan to add my physics engine and the animated mutant spider beast models. I did not add my physics engine just yet because the terrain was outdated and I didn't want the player as well as the enemies falling infinitely. Once my physics engine is added, the hit detection will be far more accurate. Hopefully I will have the real-time fur effect implemented on the animated spider beast model soon.

1.Basic Rendering system with basic effect.
2. Particle System.
3. Basic object management.
4. The XNA Terrain Library is outdated so I will add my own terrain from my game engine later
5. The Cyclone Game Engine's XNAnimation Library
6. Anti aliasing 4X
7. Gun-Fire Sound Effect

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