Thursday, October 20, 2016

41. Deferred Rendering

       Roy Trieesscheijn has an updated XNA 4.0 version of Catalin Zima's Deferred Rendering Sample. You can read all about it here on Roy's blog. Above is a screenshot of it in action. I have also uploaded the sample to my Indie DB page. So I give a special thanks to Roy for the awesome conversion and Catalin Zima for the original sample. The deferred rendering sample uses directional and point lights and comes equipped with a normal mapping and custom content processor with multiple materials. I plan on adding deferred rendering to the Cyclone Game Engine. 
       One big advantage of deferred rendering is that it will allow your games and or game engines to render a huge number of dynamic lights very efficiently. Right now it is used in Cry Engine, Unreal Engine, Frostbite and many other games and game engines. This rendering technique has quickly become the standard for high quality graphics in games. Deferred Rendering will allow for a huge number of effects to be added to your games. These effects include SSAO, HDR Rendering, Bloom, Per-Pixel Lens Flares and Soft-Particles just to name a few. 

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