Saturday, December 5, 2015

28. More Xbox One Dev Kit Tools & Middleware Support

       Unfortunately, with the release of the Xbox One, I understand that Microsoft has departed XNA. I am also fully aware that Microsoft is promoting Unity as a replacement. I speak for all indie developers when I say it should be up to the game developers and game development companies to decide what tools they wish to use to create their games. They should be able to decided on the tools that fits their needs, not forced to use a tool simply because the platform will not support it. I use XNA and MonoGame simply because its what I prefer and its what I am more comfortable as well as familiar with. I propose that the Xbox One dev kit should support XNA 4.0, XNA 4.0 Refresh and MonoGame. By allowing the Xbox One dev kit to support more tools and middleware, Microsoft would be opening themselves up to an even larger potential market. Microsoft's competitor, Sony, announced a while back that the PS4 now supports MonoGame and other middleware to registered developers.

       Monogame is essentially the continuation of XNA 4.0. So now, many developers who created Xbox Live Indie Games for Xbox 360 have moved on to develop games for PS4 since it supports MonoGame. Microsoft will gain more respect from its developers that they lost who created indie games for Xbox 360 by allowing the Xbox One dev kit to support XNA and MonoGame. This is why I am trying my hardest to convince Microsoft to make their dev kit support these platforms as well as other tools and Middleware. Microsoft would not have to worry about creating a new version of XNA necessarily because the creators behind MonoGame are essentially doing that right now. With that said, that doesn't mean MonoGame's creators can't be compensated or offered help from Microsoft in some shape or form. It took a lot of work to make XNA function on other platforms. Great games can be created regardless of which engines and tools that were used to create them. Visit the website link below to vote.

Thanks for reading, and I would greatly appreicate your vote!

Long Live XNA/ MonoGame!!!

If there are any XNA or MonoGame developers reading this, please comment and share your thoughts below if you would like to see the Xbox One dev kit support these tools. 


  1. With MonoGame 3.4 (which is the continuation of XNA 4.0) for Visual Studio 2015, it is now possible to create a game for Universal Windows Platform (UWP). This also makes it possible to get your XNA project to run on Windows 10 with UWP. Since the Xbox One dev kit supports UWP, it might also be possible to get a MonoGame project running on it.

  2. Finally! It was just announced MonoGame is coming to Xbox One. MonoGame implements XNA 4.0 and allows developers to port their games to other platforms besides the default platforms supported already by the XNA 4.0 Framework.

    Here is a link:

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