Wednesday, November 11, 2015

26. Creating the Logos

       I created the Cyclone Game Engine logo by accident. Initially, I wasn't trying to create a logo at all. I was working on a flash animation back in college and I needed to come up with designs for simple shapes. I simply wanted to make them spin and rotate like a wheel. As I was working on creating the shapes in Adobe Illustrator, my close friend Patrik Sjoberg stopped by to see what I was working on.

"Hey, that looks cool man, "he said. That could be the logo design for your game engine man.

Patrik gave me the idea of using the design as the logo for the game engine which I was working on in what little of my spare time I had outside of my job and school. 

       In the near future, I plan to find graphic designers to help create logos, buttons and designs that will go into the Cyclone Game Engine's User-Interface. 

       This was the first logo design for Steel Cyclone Studios in the image above. I am not a graphic designer by any means. I was rushing with this design at the time because it wasn't the most important thing I was working on. I needed a logo quick when I started my business through Kentucky Secretary of State. This logo was just a start. Notice there are so many things wrong with this logo but starting out its not important. I knew I could make improvements to my design later. At the time, my game projects were more important and getting as much progress completed as possible.

       Later I redesigned my logo to looks something like this in the image above. This was a major improvement and I made tons of iterations and sketches on paper. But... still something didn't sit well with me. I wanted to use no more than three colors. As I stared at this design, I couldn't escape the feeling that it felt more like a sports team logo in my own opinion. I needed to make the design more simple somehow.

       And then it happend... I took the best of both worlds from the original and new design. I made the tornado out of simple shapes gave them a "steel metallic" look if that makes any sense. It was a very hard effect for me to give off. I sort of made this by accident as well just like my engine logo. Accidents can turnout to be amazing things. 


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