Saturday, November 7, 2015

24. Game Project Sneak Peak and Terrain Engine Update

       Above is a sneak peak of some 3D models for my long-term game project I am working on. The following footage is still in very early stages of development. The textures for many of the models is simply a starting point. I will eventually use Substance Painter to texture the models to achieve much better results.

Home Concept Art Screenshots
Home Concept 1

Hotel/ Saloon Concept Screenshots
Hotel Concept 1

Bus Home Concept Screenshots
Bus Home

Bus Home Top View

Bus Home Front Close-Up

Bus Home Front

Bus Home Back

Bus Home Bottom (Ground Level)

Outhouse Concept Art Screenshots

Outposts & Watchtower WIP

Go Carts
Go Carts are built primarily as toys for kids to drive around in.
These electric vehicles are built from scrap parts.
The fire extinguishers are used to give the vehicle an extra boost.


       I have been working on a tremendous amount of 3D models to create more content for my game projects. I don't have enough time to showcase them all here in this post, but they are still very early in development. Above is a brief glimpse of a concept quad car I put together. 

There are a variety of robots in the game. Most are NPCs

       The Cyclone Game Engine now has the ability to generate a terrain landscape by reading a bitmap and using the intensity of its pixels as height values. I found that the heigthmap processor that comes with JigLibX was similar to the XNA Generated Geometry Sample. A custom content pipeline processor converts the heightmap in 3D geometry. The game engine also supports Billboarding which is both a fast and efficient way to render lots of grass on the terrain. To save memory, the grass is actually 2d images rendered in 3D. The grass moves depending on the speed of the wind. As you can see in the video, I also got snow working which is also effected by the direction and speed of the wind. The snow effect is implemented as a 3D particle by using point sprites. I am working further on the game engine’s weather component and possibly a day and night system. Weather effects can help contribute to the atmosphere of the game since it is mostly set in an outdoor world. 

       Lately, I have been making improvements to my terrain. I am working on shader effects for my terrain and applying better textures and lighting. This is my terrain for planet Mars in the following image above. 

       The foundations of the Cyclone Game Engine's Physics System is coming along. Above is a screenshot of the collision skins. It's a pretty complex system. The red outlines for the track indicates that the model is static. 

Driving in first-person perspective is coming along. I am still making adjustments. 

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