Friday, June 3, 2016

39. Engine Update 5 Teaser

       This is a brief video teaser sneak peek of my next game engine update. Everything is still a work-in-progress. Since rigged and non-rigged models can be attached to the character now, I am working on character customization. Soon, players will be able to customize their armor. They will be able to swap out head-wear such as hats, helmets and mask. Soon they will also be able to swap between chest pieces and knee guards. This might not be fully shown in the next video update but I have this working for the most part. As players progress through the game, the upgrades to their suit will greatly improve their gameplay experience. Lately, I have been building up content for creating the models and assets that will go into the game world. I am improving artificial intelligence at the moment. This is just a teaser, so it will be a while before my next engine video update. I have been focusing on my 2D game and my independent studies to further educate myself and make far more progress. I am taking some time off and working on the gameplay! So excited. Below are some more screenshots of some fun I had with armor customization.

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