Monday, February 23, 2015

19: Camera Recoil Effect Test

       This is a brief video demonstration of the camera recoil effect I recently got working. It is very recent so it is by no means perfect and is still an early work-in-progress. The recoil effect increases immersion by providing a visual feedback in the form of shaking the player's camera as they shoot. This effect is used in many first-person shooters. Tactile feedback is provided as the player shoots by vibrating the player's gamepad controller. The sky-box was disabled temporarily in this video since I am working on volumetric clouds. The weapon sound effect was off some when capturing the footage, so my apologies in advance. That weird green stuff you see is the new blood-splatter particle effect I got working.

       Above is a screenshot of the new exaggerated blood splatter particle effect within the spider. I am placing bounding spheres within the spider to work as collision detection. So whenever a bullet fired from the player intersects the bounding spheres, the blood-splatter will emit. 

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