Sunday, November 3, 2013

12: Cyclone Game Engine Update 3

       Sorry for not posting videos for a while. This is not the latest progress video but an older one. This is a short video showing that I successfully created a working 2D/ 3D menu system with the help of the game state management's screen manager. I also got the menu system capable of displaying splash screens with transition effects upon the start-up of the game. The menu system also supports 3D models within it and description text when you hover over different menu items. I also got a sky-box functioning in the game. This video also shows the lens flare effect functioning and placed over the sun on the sky-box.  Its tricky when the program is drawing 2d and 3d together on the same screen under the 'Draw Method'.

       Thanks to Shawn Hargreaves who provided the most efficient way to go in his blog post, I was able to fix my skybox. When I was mixing 3D rendering with 2D objects using SpriteBatch, I may noticed that my 3D graphics no longer draw correctly after you have rendered sprites. All of the models triangles and polygons appeared to be disoriented and stretched leaving tons of gaps and holes. This is because the SpriteBatch changes several device renderstates. At this stage the actual game is still in Pre-Production Phase of development and I won't be revealing too much until the game is near completion. For now, I am improving the game engine and plan to post more progress footage of it. To see more progress, visit the Steel Cyclone Studio's Facebook Page. Below are some work-in-progress screenshots of 3D models I am creating.

Garage Interior WIP

Gun Model WIPs

       These are screenshots of a assault rifles I modeled which for now are just placeholders, not for an actual game. The M4A1 and M-16 are high-poly models which might have other attachments as later. The gun as well as the hands are arms in most of these screenshots were not rigged yet. I am still learning animation so the only in-game animations at the moment are programmed for when the gun shoots and turns slightly to indicate sprint. The arms in the screenshots below are simply a place-holder. Next I will be working on attaching the gun models to the animated character marine model shown in the video above. These gun model will most likely be used in starter kits I plan on putting together in the future. These models are all work-in-progress so they are not "perfect" by any means. 





The iron sight for instance is a bit too big, but the holographic sight is almost proportional. 

The iron sight needs to be a bit smaller. When you aim-down-sights, it would obscure the player's view at the moment, getting in the way. 

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