Wednesday, May 22, 2013

10: Cyclone Game Engine Menu System Update

       The following video above is a work-in-progress on the Cyclone Engine and does not represent final game footage. With the help of the Game State Management Sample, I was able to improve the menu system. Before the menu system was in the Game class and now each screen is a class of its own making the engine slightly more efficient and the menu more versatile. The menu system upon start up displays the Splash Screens which are the Studio Logo and the Cyclone Engine Logo. Then it takes you to the Title-Screen and the Main Menu following.  I am working on various transition effects as the user changes from one screen to another. I was able to get the menu system to display a credits video and I will be fleshing out the look and design of the menu system later. Other functioning screens are the Loading Screen and the Pause Menu Screen. 

       Networking functionality for online play is still in the works. The menu system displays an animated busy indicator whenever a network operation is in progress. In Multiplayer, once in the lobby, a list of players is displayed along with icons indicating who is currently talking and who has marked themselves as ready. When are gamers are ready, the menu loads the first map for now. Description text is displayed at the bottom as you scroll through menu items. I am currently improving the game's frame-rate on Xbox 360. The game currently runs at 30 frames per second on Xbox 360. I am still working on animations for the player and the gun. Soon, I will be adding the HUD since I was able to mix 2D and 3D. The Skybox displays better now in the game. Before, anyone could see the lines outlining the skybox. 

Game-State Management 

I updated my older menu system sample and added a 2D sprite-based scrolling fog effect. I am messing around with other effects for the menu system at the moment as well. 

Learning Level Design

       Understanding Level Design was one of my biggest challenges. I needed to place models and position them in such a way that would make the map dynamic and fun for the player to navigate. Level design was tough because objects in the game world needed a purpose; a reason as to why they exist and positioned in their location.

 The enemy spider beast model came from Psionic Games

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